Thursday, March 3, 2011

Reina de Corazones en la Escuela / King and Queen of Hearts

All the kids before the ceremony

Her big moment She was so happy and by this moment her sister was very excited

Here is Paola watching her sister's big moment

But later, she looked like this

But mommy, turned around and ask her to pose

Kings and Queens


Mommy time
Again Paola was sad because she realizes that the activity ends and she don't had a crown.
Before we left school

At our mini van, Paola started crying (I hate that moment) and said to me that her teacher forgot her crown. I was so sad for her.

But Sofia took care of the situation and look what happened

(look at her face)

It was a great day but at the same time it was sad.



Steph said...

I had tears in my eyes for Paola...and Sofia was so sweet so I am crying even more! Such a bittersweet moment. I do not look forward this with my girls!!!

You all look beautiful as always.

Mighty M said...

They are growing up so fast. Everyone looks very cute with their crowns on!

Malena said...

What a sweetheart Sofia is! But I don't doubt that Paola would have done the same thing. Those girls are the best of friends! Paola's little sad face broke my heart, she's soooo beautiful!

Annie said...

That picture broke my heart and have tears in my eyes everytime I see it.

NewsPhotoGirl said...

That is so sweet. Those beautiful girls. I love how Sofia took care of her sister.

Jeremi said...

i was pretty much going to write exactly what steph wrote --- this sort of thing is what makes having twins more difficult than having siblings close together, and i'm not looking forward to experiencing this with my girls either, though i know it will happen at some point. poor paola, and how sweet is sofia! they are so cute annie!

Raising Z said...

What a beautiful moment, good for Sofia for sharing like that. What a hard thing for a little girl to understand :(

Deanna said...

How cute! Poor Paola...but didn't it just warm your heart to see Sofia sharing with her sister?

Heather said...

Sofia is such a sweetheart and I know that Paola would have done the same if their situations were reversed. Such a bittersweet heartbreaking, but you can't help but be so proud of Sofia. One of the difficult moments of being a mommy to twins!

Harris Boys said...

how sweet of her sister to share. that is one of my favorite things about having twins...that magicial bond! love it!