Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Martes / Tuesday

A simple vista es un título genérico y al parecer no indica nada pero, la verdad es que tuvimos un buen día. Acá hoy era feriado (Abolición de la Esclavitud) lo que significó que ni mis niñas ni mi esposito tuvieron trabajo.

Nuestro día transcurrió así:

* Sofía se levantó tempranísimo pero, se acurrucó conmigo y todos dormimos hasta las 9.

* Primera parada del día el laboratorio para realizarnos (todos) diversos análisis de sangre y otras cosas más.

* Un rico desayuno.

* Realizamos algunas diligencias.

* Llevamos a las niñas a jugar en una tienda de juegos (hubo que optar por esta opción ya que desde la pasada semana todos los días llueve, así que los parques están fuera de nuestro alcance).

* Bordar, bordar y bordar (en los próximos días enviaremos nuestra orden de 24 pañitos de bebés).

Nada muy extravagante pero lo mejor fue pasar el día completo en familia.


At first sight is a generic title and apparently does not indicate anything but, the truth is that we had a good day. Here today it was holiday (Abolition of Slavery) which means that my girls did not have school and my husband did not had to go to work.

Our day went ;ike this:

* Sofía woke up very early but, snuggled with me and we all sleept until 9.

* First stop of the day the laboratory to have (all) diverse analysis of blood and other things.

* A rich breakfast.

* Some shopping.

* We took the girls to play to Time Out (it was the best option since it's been rainy all week, so the parks were out of our reach).

* More embroidery (in the next days we will send our order of 24 embroidered baby cloth diappers).

Not a very extravagant day but the best part of it was to spend the whole day with my family.



Tamela said...

Family days are the best days!

Twincerely,Olga said...

HI Annie!! Hope your doing great!!!

Mighty M said...

Sounds just about perfect to me!

Missy said...

Hey lady! Sorry it has been so long : )
I got all of your comments and wow, not sure why they are still showing up on your blog roll because my blog is private and most people said that their blog rolls are no longer updating. But yay! I am so glad you can see new posts. I have you on the list to view and read my blog.
It was great hearing from you. I hope you all are doing well.

Amanda said...

Hi! I am responding to your comment on my blog. I am a former teacher but now I am a stay at home mom but keep teacher's children in my home so that I can stay home with my 2 that are not in school yet. I love it!

girlytwins said...

Family days are my favorite days :)