Sunday, March 27, 2011

Recapitulando el Fin de Semana / Weekend Recap

El fin de semana tuvo sus momentos agradables y sus momentos bien desagradables. Así que tengo que documentar lo ocurrido:

Viernes: Mi esposito y yo pasamos el día juntos en una orientación (la cual cambiará nuestras vidas para siempre). Luego, buscamos las niñas a la escuela y fuimos directamente a nuestra casa. Allí decidimos pasar tiempo en el patio jugando, limpiando y lavando ropa.

Sábado: Decidimos ir al parque urbano y disfrutar un rato espectacular. Obviamente, también dimos un paseo en el renovado tren del parque.

Domingo: Bueno, desde la madrugada este día comenzó con el pie izquierdo. Paola estuvo con vómitos todo el día lo cual nos llevó a una leve estadía en la sala de emergencias. Ojalá que el virus no se nos pegue a nosotros también.

Ahora a esperar una óptima semana.


The weekend had its pleasant moments and its well unpleasant moments. So I have to document what happened:

Friday: My husband and I spent our day together in an orientation (which will change our lives for ever). Then, we picked up the girls at school and went directly to our house. There we decide to have some quiality time in the patio playing, cleaning and washing clothes.

Saturday: We decide to go to the urban park and have a spectacular evening. Obviously, we also took a ride in the renewed train in the park.

Sunday: From the early morning this day began with the left foot. Paola was vomiting all day which led us to the emergencies room. I hope that the virus will not hit us too.

Now to expect an optimum week.





The Smiths said...

Hoping for a positive week!!! Y'all have had such a rough time with those crazy viruses...Sending get well vibes to Paola...and Stay Healthy vibes to the rest of the family.

Jayme said...

I hope no one else gets the virus! Great pics :)

Heather said...

I hope that Paola is feeling better and that everyone else stays healthy too!!!

By the way...I LOVE the picture of you and your girls where you are sitting on the bench. So beautiful!

Malena said...

Oh no! Hopefully the virus didn't hit anyone else!!!!

Can't wait to hear the news!

Mighty M said...

Cute pictures - stay as healthy as you can! Happy Monday!

girlytwins said...

You guys are too cute!! I hope no one else gets sick :(

Raising Z said...

Oh no! I hope Paola is feeling better soon and that the rest of you stay clear of it! The train ride looked like lots of fun. I am glad you got to have some fun this weekend.

Steph said...

Hope that Paola is feeling better today. Poor girl! Hope the rest of you stay healthy. So curious about this life-changing news!