Thursday, March 24, 2011

Feliz / Happy

Cosas que me hacen feliz:

* Nuestro primer gran pedido en la tienda Etsy ya fue completado y enviado antes del tiempo estipulado. Dios permita, que continuemos recibiendo más pedidos.

* Mañana será un gran día ya que recibiremos unas orientaciones que posiblemente cambien nuestra situación (no sean curiosas, todavía no puedo decirles nada, jaja).

* Estoy explorando diversas ideas para generar algún ingreso desde mi casa (luego hablaremos de esto).

Tan pronto como pueda les daré más detalles y sí alguien necesita algún bordado ya saben que estoy disponible, simplemente ustedes pidan que nosotros lo creamos.


Things that makes me happy:

* Ours first big order in our Etsy store is already completed and sent before the time stipulated. God permit, that we continue receiving more orders.

* Tomorrow will be a great day since we will receive some orientation that possibly change our situation (don't be curious, I still cannot tell you about it, jaja).

* I am exploring diverse ideas to generate some income from my house (in the future we will write about this).

As quick as I can I will give you more details and if someone needs some embroidery know that I am available, just ask and we will create it.



Jamie said...

new things happening in you life are hard...especially when you want to say something but CANNOT! I will pray God's Will for your family!

Jeremi said...

hi annie -- i am so happy to read your business news, and am eager to hear more details! you and pablo are such hard-working, creative people, i hope only the best and many successes for you guys : )

have a super weekend!

Mighty M said...

Can't wait to hear more. Have a wonderful weekend!!

Malena said...

So happy for you that things are looking up! Keep smiling!

Raising Z said...

Can't wait to hear about all of these big changes. Glad to hear you are happy :)

Sarah said...

Great to hear about the big etsy order, can't wait to hear the rest when you are ready to share! :)

girlytwins said...

I'll keep my fingers crossed for a good outcome on all your new adventures. Can't wait to hear what they are :)