Thursday, May 20, 2010

Cosas Favoritas de Ambas Niñas / Favorite Things of Both Girls

A ambas niñas les gusta:
1. Jugar en la computadora.
2. Realizar tareas en sus libros escolares.
3. Adoran su clase de Baby Fitness.
4. Les fascina que les hagan manicura y pedicura.
5. Ir al salón de belleza.
6. La última obsesión es jugar Candy Land.
7. Dormir
8. Ir al cine
9. Ir de paseo
10. Ir de tiendas, especialmente si compramos algo,ja.
11. Les encantan las manualidades.

Obviamente, les gustan más cosas pero, las compartiré después (tema para otro "post",ja)

Feliz Jueves


To both girls they likes:
1. Playing in the computer.
2. Working on their school books.
3. They love their of Baby Fitness class.
4. Having a manicure and pedicure.
5. Going to the beauty parlor.
6. Their latest obsession is to play Candy Land.
7. Sleeping
8. Going to the movies
9. Taking a walk
10. Going of stores, especially if we buy something, ha.
11. Handicrafts.

Obviously, they like more things but, I will share them later (something for another "post", ha)

Happy Thursday



Jeremi said...

Sweet Annie!! We love CandyLand over here too : )

Missy (Two Little Monkeys) said...

Manis & pedis are big faves with my girls too. Our girls have a lot of the same interests. Great list

Krystyn said...

What girl doesn't like all of those things? That includes several of my favorites, too!

Sue said...

Lots of fun things to keep them busy. Candy Land is cool. My daughter still likes to play that sometimes.

Hope you're having a great day♥

Mighty M said...

Hannah would love to have a play date with your girls! They would have so much fun!! :)

girlytwins said...

Love this list. My girls love manicures and pedicures too and shopping. And candyland is a hit around our house too!!

Mommy said...

How sweet that you have recorded this for them! Girls are FUN!