Saturday, May 15, 2010

Algunas Cosas Favoritas de las Niñas / Some Favorite Things of the Girls

Algunas cosas favoritas de Sofia:

1. Vestirse como Blanca Nieves.

2. Comer yogurt, papas fritas y tomar refresco.

3. Adora tener su pelo lacio (quiere parecerse a su hermana, al menos eso dice ella)

4. Le encanta color rosa.

Algunas Cosas Favoritas de Paola:

1. Le encanta comer "nuggets".

2. Dramatizar todo lo que va a decir, ella es toda una "Drama Queen".

3. Le encanta el color amarillo.

4. Le fascina jugar con los muñequitos de "Little People".

Buen fin de semana


Some favorite things of Sofia:

1. Dress as Snow White.

2. Eating yogurt, fried potatoes and drinking soft drinks.

3. She loves to have her hair straigthen (she wants to have her hair like her sister's, at least that's what she says)

4. The color pink.

Some Favorite things of Paola:

1. She loves chicken nuggets.

2. Dramatizing everything that she is going to say, she is a "Drama Queen".

3. The color yellow.

4. Likes to play with the "Little People" toys.

Have a wonderful weekend


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Jeremi said...

this was really fun to read annie -- i like hearing specifics about both girls : )

Happy Weekend!!

*LLUVIA* said...

Oh how cute! One of your girls has curly and the straight hair? How cool is that!!

Jill said...

That's funny that you have a little drama queen! Haha!

Missy (Two Little Monkeys) said...

A list of wonderful of favorites!

girlytwins said...

Ahhh I loved this. It's always so fun to hear how they are different and how alike they are :)

Raising Z said...

Sounds like Z and and Paola would get along great :) He loves his chix and little people