Thursday, May 27, 2010

Cinco Cosas / Five Things

Cinco cosas que me gustaría hacer si tuviese dinero suficiente para gastar,ja:
1. Vacaciones durante al menos dos meses.
2. Remodelar algunas áreas de mi casa.
3. Comprar un auto híbrido.
4. Realizar una transformación total en nuestro patio.
5. Tener una persona que lave las ventanas y los screens todos los meses (detesto hacerlo)

Y tú, que cinco cosas quisiéras hacer?

Feliz Jueves


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Five things that i would like to do if I had enough money to spend, ha:

1. Long vacations, at least two months.

2. Remodeling some areas of my house.

3. Buying an hybrid car.

4. Start a total transformation in our patio. A great landscaping.

5. Having a person to wash the windows and the screens every month (I detest to do it)

And you, which five things would you like to do?

Happy Thursday


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Jeremi said...

Fun one! I would:
1. Pay off our mortgage.
2. Buy a nice mini-van so I could actually haul passengers around along with my girls : )
3. Complete our major remodeling projects (add a bathroom/dormer upstairs, finish off the basement, add a four-season porch out back and paint our much in-need-of-paint house).
4. Go on some fun family vacations.
5. Go on a totally relaxing get-away with Tom :)

Caroline said...

I would love a 2 month long vacation too!
BTW I can't believe you haven't been to a garage sale, you can find some great stuff (sometimes)

Unknown Mami said...

I would buy a hybrid car, too and go to Hawaii. I've never been to Hawaii and my husband was born and raised there.

Deanna said...

Good list! I would pay off our house and cars, so we could have plenty of extra spending money each month. I would also hire someone to clean for me, for sure!

Jill said...

I definately agree on the 2 month vacation!

Missy (Two Little Monkeys) said...

Long vacation is a big yes for me! Great list!

Mommie Daze said...

A two month vacation would be wonderful. I think I would sleep the whole time!

Christa said...

ooh I want to get a hybrid car too!!