Saturday, January 2, 2010

Mis Resoluciones / My Resolutions

Mis resoluciones para el año 2010 son pocas pero, sé que las lograré (debemos comenzar el año muy positivas mis queridas amigas).

1. Bajar de peso (estoy sumamente decidida a lograr mi meta y este año no se quedará en palabras).
2. Realizar diversas mejoras en nuestro hogar (tanto dentro de la casa como en el patio).
3. Realizar mayores ventas en mi tienda Etsy.
4. Realizar un viaje.

Para mí cada una de estas resoluciones significan muchísimo y sé que con mucho esfuerzo y dedicación lo lograré. El 2010 será un año de muchas bendiciones para mí y mi familia.

Buen fin de semana


My resolutions for the year 2010 are a few but, I know that I will achieve them (let's start the year being very positive my beloved friends).


1. Lose weight (I am extremely determined to achieve my goal and this year it will not remain in words).

2. Completing some home improvements (inside the house and the patio).

3. Obtaining greater sales in my Etsy store.

4. Making a trip.

For me each one of these resolutions means a lot and I know that with a lot of effort and dedication I will achieve them. The 2010 will be a year of many blessings for me and my family.

Good weekend



Caro said...

Come to Canada! :)

KJ said...

Good luck with your resolutions! Happy new year!

Steph said...

Good luck Annie! You can do it! We'll be here to root for you!

Jeremi said...

Great resolutions -- I like your focus and dedication, Annie. Are you doing anything special to lose weight? You certainly don't look like you need to though! I would LOVE to lose 10 pounds, but I'd take 5 ; ) However, my dedication isn't that great . . .

I'm hoping to get to the post office this week : )

Have a great day!

Missy (Two Little Monkeys) said...

We share some of the same resolutions this year. Maybe we could be a support to each other during our weight loss. Best of luck!

Krystyn said...

Those are some good resolutions and very attainable. Happy New Year.

Jenna said...

Happy New Year Annie!!! Good luck on your resolutions this year :)