Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Tercer Día a Dieta / Third Date on Diet

Hasta ahora estoy orgullosa de mí misma ya que he tenido mucha fuerza de voluntad en estos tres días. Hoy comí pan pero era integral así que no estuvo mal. El único ajuste que necesito hacer es el de los ejercicios. Hasta ahora eso es lo más difícil ya que no encuentro el momento ideal del día para hacerlos. Pero, ya lo haré aunque sea comenzando la próxima semana.

Por lo menos mi conciencia externa (mi esposo)está pendiente de cada paso que doy cuando voy a comer y me dice "recuerda que estas a dieta", pero es bueno tener a alguien que te apoye y te mantenga enfocado.

No olviden escribir sus preguntas ya que mañana las publicaré. Siempre uno tiene curiosidad por conocer a otras personas así que pregunten.

Que tengan un lindo Jueves.


I am proud of myself since I have had a lot of force of will in these three days. Today I ate bread but was integral so it was not bad. The only adjustment that I need to do is with the exercises. Up to now that is the most difficult part since I can not find the ideal moment of the day to do them. But, I will do it maybe starting on next week.

At least my external conscience (my husband) is alert of each step that I give when I am going to eat and tells me "remember the diet", but is good to have someone that supports you and maintains you focused.

Do not forget to write your questions since tomorrow I will publish them. There is always some curiosity to know about other people, so ask.
Have a pretty Thursday.



Missy said...

Good job! Way to go!!!!

The Myers Family said...

That's SOO GOOD THAT you are doing good on your diet and have your hubby to push you forward! Without my hubby i would never have lost my 55 lbs i's great to have someone to push you. O yes and a scale..although they ALWAYS say.."don't use a scale" i swear it was GREAT FOR ME! When you weight yourself and KNOW that you are making progress..i think it make you try HARDER..or it did me! :) GOOD LUCK!