Monday, April 2, 2012

Fin de Semana / Weekend

El fin de semana pasó muy rápido pero lo pasamos muy bien.

Viernes: Simplemente la rutina diaria y una noche tranquila. Luego, de recoger las nenas en la escuela aproveche para lavar ropa.

Sábado: Estuvimos en un cumpleaños y la pasamos genial.

Domingo: Necesitabamos descansar para recargar energías para la semana.

Esta semana es de solo dos días de clases, me encanta.


The weekend went by very fast it was a good one.

Friday: Simply the daily routine and a tranquil night. After school we did some laundry.

Saturday: We went to a birthday party and we had a great time.

Sunday: We needed to rest to reload energies for the week.

This week it'll be of just two days of school, I love it.



Malena said...

Happy Spring break!!!! Have a wonderful Easter my friend! xo

Raising Z and Lil C said...

Sounds wonderful! I miss your smiling faces. I just ran out of picture room on my blog too and bought the extra space for $5 for the year. Hugs to you all!