Thursday, February 16, 2012

Día de San Valentín / Valentine's Day 2012 Part 2

After the school activity I went shopping with my mom. We had a great time together. When Pablo was out of worked (he had no work during the afternoon) we went home and get everything for the girls.

Everything was ready so we went to picked them at school.

They were so happy and had a great time at their Valentine's party.

They were so happy when we opened the door and the saw the table with some gifts. And of course, the pose for pictures.

And we joined too

Family picture at home

Then, we exchanged our gifts. Each girl told me what they want to give to each other and let me tell you that I love it.

First, was my turn. I received a pink pale towel from Sofia and a comfy pillow from Paola, love it.

Daddy received a t-shirt from Paola and a blue towel from Sofia. He love his gifts.

Time for the girls. Each girl received a basket with bubbles, stickers, cheetah or zebra puffy plush, chocolates and a balloon.

And they exchanged a puffy plush dog and a hair bow.

Simple but practical gifts and we love it.

After the exchanged we went and bought chinesse food and enjoyed it at home.

It was a great and perfect Valentine's Day for us.

Ohh, I forgot that you want to know what Pablo gave to me, well check our gifts (another practical gift for us).

Yep, we had cell phones. Thanks honey!!!.

PS: Sorry, most pictures are blurry.


Teri M said...

Cool phones! Glad you all had such a wonderful day!

Raising Z and Lil C said...

love your phones! What a special day :)

Jeremi said...

great valentine's day all around!! your girls are such lovely valentines in and of themselves -- and you are just beautiful in each of your photos : ) cell phone fun too!! happy late valentine's day annie.