Monday, February 27, 2012

Cuántas Veces? / How Many Times?

¿Cuántas veces me han dicho...
... tienes que irte trabajar? Muchas
... eso lo viví yo? Bastante
... no te preocupes por las cosas que todo pasará? Innumerables veces
... has esperado con ansias una llamada para simplemente hablar? Indeterminadas veces
... te han insinuado qué nunca debistes haber abandonado tu empleo? Muchas
... has llorado por las situaciones? Perdí la cuenta
... has sentido deseos de gritar hasta cansarte? Muchisímas
... te has sentido sola? Bastante
... has pensado mudarte a otro país? Innumerables veces

¿Cómo logras lidiar con todo esto? Pienso en que Dios es grande y su fortaleza me ayudará a seguir adelante. Con Dios todo y sin él nada.


How many times i've been asked ...

... you have to go you to work? Many

... that I lived it? Enough

... do not worry about the things that all will pass? Innumerable times

... you have expected with anxieties a call just for talking? Indeterminate times

... have insinuated that you should've never abandoned your employment? Many

... you have cried by the situations? I lost the count

... you have felt desires to scream until it hurts? A lot

... have felt alone? Enough

... you have thought to move to another country? Innumerable times

How do you manage to fight with all this? I think about how God is big and his strengh will help me to continue. With God all and without him nothing.



Teri M said...

Thinking happy thoughts for you today! :-)

The Smiths said...

Sending ((HUGS)) to you, Annie.
Remember "with God, nothing is impossible!"

Annie said...

Sweet girls, thanks for your comments.

Raising Z and Lil C said...

Oh Annie, sorry that you are not feeling well. Hugs and prayers are going out to you!

Jeremi said...

thinking of you annie -- even though communicating is hard right now. my free time is so limited, but i always check your blog and wonder how you're doing.

can you share more details?

xxoo jeremi