Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Día de San Valentín / Valentine's Day 2012 Part 1

Kindergarten Queen of Hearts

With their teacher

Before they went to Church

(behind them are Princess Paola and Alana)

At Church

Princess Paola (well, she is also my Queen)


Where is Paola?Ha!

Love you Baby Girl!!!!

Love you Baby Girl!!!

Family picture!!

With Grandma (my mom)


With the school Principal Mr. Lugo.

Highlights of the morning:

1. Pablo was able to be there.

2. Paola was amazing this year than last. Do you remembered last year? If not check here.

3. Love her heart dress.

4. Their teacher is amazing and let the other girls used a Princess ribbon. I appreciate that and obviously, it helps a lot.

5. My mom went to see the girls. (Last year I was alone).

6. It was a wonderful Valentine's morning.


PS: Yes, Sofia is a lucky girl. Queen of Hearts for second year in a row.

Stay tuned for part 2.


Teri M said...

How adorable!

Souza Sisters said...

Your girls are so adorable!!

Malena said...

LOVE the pictures! Too cute! Love all the red! How does the queen of hearts work, how was she chosen? Sofia looked so pretty! Paola too of course.

Raising Z and Lil C said...

Wow, Paola is a good sport! I think I'd be really upset if my twin was queen of hearts two years in a row. Both girls looked beautiful!!!

Jeremi said...

both girls do look just adorable ; ) i think my girls would have some challenges with only one being chosen, was that hard for you guys? we talk a lot about being happy for each other, other friends, kids they don't know, etc., but they still focus on who did what longer, or has more, or if something isn't fair ....

you all look so great in red!!