Monday, September 26, 2011

Weekend Recap

Imagino que por allí no hay nadie que haya tenido un fin de semana tan grandioso como el de nosotros.

Viernes: El día tan esperado por mis niñas para ir a su primera excursión. Sofia despertó muy temprano por que estaba ansiosa pero Paola despertó con fiebre. Así que tomamos las medidas preventivas necesarias y al zoológico nos fuimos. Olvidaba decirles, que yo tenía fiebre y me dolía todo el cuerpo, un ojo hinchado y para colmo me baja la menstruación, algo más. A fin de cuentas, el viaje fue buenísimo y disfrutamos mucho. Ya al regreso comenzaron los síntomas otra vez.

Sábado y Domingo: La cama y yo hemos sido las mejores amigas desde entonces. Recuerdan mi ojo hinchado, pues es conjuntivitis, que bien verdad. Parece que ya estoy lista para "Halloween". La buena noticia de todo esto es que Sofia esta bien (toco madera) y la mala noticia, Paola y Pablo también tienen conjuntivitis. Paola y yo también tenemos catarro, genial.

Lunes: (bueno no es parte del fin de semana pero para no perder la cuenta). Ninguno de nosotros ha mejorado en nada y Sofia pudo ir a la escuela.

Ojalá que todo esto pase muy pronto y podamos ser una familia normal otra vez. (Llevamos un récord de tres fines de semana consecutivos con alguien, o dos, o todos enfermos, grandioso verdad, no me envidien)


PS: En los próximos días colocaré las fotos del viaje al zoológico.

I imagine that there is nobody that have had a weekend as magnificent as ours.

Friday: The day my girls waited so anxiously, their first field trip. Sofia woke up very early because she was anxious but Paola woke up with a fever. So we took the necessary preventive measures and we went to the zoo. I forgot to tell you that I had a fever, all my body was in pain, an eye swollen and to top it all my menstruation. After all, the trip was excellent and we enjoyed it a lot. After we returned the symptoms started again.

Saturday and Sunday: The bed and I we have been the best friends since then. Remember my swollen eye, is pinkeye, great. Seems that I am ready for Halloween. The good news of all this is that Sofia is well (I knock on wood) and the bad news, Paola and Pablo also have pinkeye. Paola and I also have a cold, yipee.

Monday: (It is not part of the weekend but I need to mention it). None of us has improved at all and Sofia could go to school.

I hope that all this ends very quick so we can be a normal family again. (We have a record of three weekends on a row with someone sick)


PS: In the next days I will place the photos of the zoo trip.


Teri said...

Sorry everyone has been feeling sick - hope you all are better soon so you can fully enjoy the weekend!

Jodee Leader said...

So sorry to hear about your weekend. Hope everyone feels better soon!

Raising Z said...

So sorry you guys are so sick! I hope you are all better soon.

Jeremi said...


i got pink-eye for the first time this fall, it was HORRIBLE!!! it took forever to go away too and yes, it looks as bad as it feels (though i'm sure you are still darling).

i hope you all get feeling better real soon -- maybe your family is all done with colds/sicknesses for the season?

take care : )

Malena said...

Oh my goodness! I feel so so badly for you all! I love that you still have a sense of humor though! Hang in there! Feel better!!!

Malena said...

I hope you're feeling better! We've never had pink eye - but I'm sure it's just a matter of time before it hits us too. And lice?! I hear once the kids start elementary school they're very likely to get head lice - GAAAAH! I hope we're all spared from that one!

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here is the link! thank you for checking it out! I hope you all are feeling better!

*LLUVIA* said...

Hola Annie! Es gusto leer sobre ustedes de nuevo! Espero que ya esten mejor!