Thursday, September 8, 2011

Quinceañero (Part 2)

Walking thru the aisle

During the ceremony

The moment when my aunt put the crown on my cousin's head.

My cousin

With her parents

(her mother is my mom little sister)

With her dad and brothers

With the girls

Each girl carried something in her hands.

For example, Paola carried the crown, Sofia the 15 and Karielys the shoes.

My cousin with all her aunts

(left to right: my mom, my aunt Martha, Leticia (from her dad side), my cousin, my aunt Hildred, my aunt Maria and aunt Hilda). They are my mom sisters.

Here is mom, niece Cary, Pablo and aunt Maria

All of them again with me

Stay tuned for part 3.



Steph said...

What a special celebration! Your cousin is beautiful...congrats to her! The girls look so cute as well. Your family is full of gorgeous women!

Teri said...

Everyone looks to beautiful - such a pretty tradition!

Jeremi said...

absolutely beautiful. what a special occasion -- you look stunning annie : )