Thursday, January 8, 2015

Not My Best 1st Day of Work!!!

Today was my first day back to work since Christmas break. We were supposed to had meetings during the morning and then went to our classrooms to cleaned and work. Well our meeting was all day and my boss didn't completed the whole agenda. When you went back to work you have motivation, energy, anxious to create and make fun things and of course, we need the money so, we are anxious to have our salary.

Well, the first point that my boss said was: "We are not sure if you are going to receive your paycheck". WHAT? Are you serious? Yes, because we have financial problems. It was like recieving a cold bucket of water. I mean, I have a family. That was the first thing.

After that she said we have to go to a meeting on February and each one has to pay $30 and if you paid after the deadline you have to pay some charges. Really? But how is that possible because I didn't confirmed it? Come on? NO ONE, Anyone of us knows about it? Oh, but wait I almost forget the best part, if I don't go to the meeting (that I have to pay for it) they are going to discount $60 of my salary. Yes, you read it good, $60? What? Why? Well because remembered they have financial problems at the company and they don't have money to pay. So, let's discount that amount of money and that is.

It was a long and frustrated day, I cried, I was angry, is not fair that I have to pay for the mistakes of other people. Is not my problem that they don't have money. I need my salary, is my money and I work for it.

I'm praying that this semester goes fast. At this moment, I don't like my job.


PS: Sorry if have some gramatical problems, I'm still angry, frustrated.

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