Saturday, November 22, 2014

Puertorrican Week!!!

Here I am again with another recap but at least we did lots of activities.

Monday: busy day at school. We had traditional games and all the students enjoyed it.

Tuesday: we were dismissed by noon because at 6:00 we had a parade and after it mass.

Wednesday: it was a holiday and we don't had school so we slept in, well Pablo and the girls because I woke up at 7 o'clock.

Thursday: longgggg day at work. I had to finish all my decorations and stuff for the next day. I ended my day at work at 9 o'clock (night) believe me a very, very long day.

Friday: it was show time. We celebrated the end of puertorrican week. Each group had to represent a town and did all about their history and culture. My town was Lajas. We got a second place. After our day ended at three we had a little baby shower for one of my co-workers and after that we went to decorated a little place in front of my school with Christmas lights and decorations.

Saturday: well today the girls had a fashion show at old navy. They did a wonderful job.

Now, that was our week well our longgggggggg week. I'm exhausted, tired and need to sleep at for two days in a row.


I will post pictures tomorrow..

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