Sunday, November 9, 2014

Our week!!!!

November is a busy month at school. On November 21, we are going to celebrate  Puerto Rico history. So, my coworkers and I are working hard with culture things.
Let's recap our week!
Monday: "normal day at"
Tuesday: my sixth grade students and I had a trip to one of our towns. It was an exhausted day.
Wednesday: it was a rainy day and most of the students stayed at home.
Thursday: "normal day"
Friday: we received just thirteen students because of the rain. But, us had to worked all day no matter our street was flooded and no matter the government cancelled school and work for the day. The weather was really bad.

In addition, we were supposed to had an open house but, thanks to the weather they cancelled it.

We are so tired cause our weekend started both days at 6:30 am, ughhh!!! I need vacations!!!! And all in all, Tuesday is veteran's day and I have work and next week is another holiday and we have to work, too.

Anyway, that was our busy and boring week and weekend.


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