Tuesday, August 13, 2013


The first few days or maybe is the first month of class is horrible. I mean, we started our day at 5:00 a.m. I spend my days moving from place to place. Sometimes I just want to come to our house and enjoy a long nap but, no. I so hard to make different things during the day and after it, headed to home to continue working. Is horrible. Did I mentioned that we went to my parents house and stayed with them with two hours. Annie


Jeremi said...

i have always thought the first few weeks of starting a new year is super hard, not my favorite time. it's even harder as a mom i think.

i am starting to gear up -- i go back end of next week for workshop/classes ......

thinking of you annie! : )

Malena said...

I am smiling cause this is how I feel EVERY day! :) Working and being a mom is soooo hard. I am sure you will get in to the groove of things and it will get easier with time.
Are you the girls home class teacher or do you just teach them English? It's neat that you can be their teacher but it must have some challenges too. Keep up the good work my friend!!!

Annie said...

Malena, so happy to read about you again.

Yes, I'm their home class teacher. They have four classes with me and yes, is a challenge.

Thanks for your words girls.