Saturday, August 3, 2013

Summer Day: 64

Well, is the weekend and things around here are not peaches and cream. My dad is again at the hospital because on Wednesday he had a stroke (we called it a brain stroke here) and paralyzed his left side. He was at the hospital overnight and then released to his home. By that day until today he looked so bad and can't moved any part of his left side, nothing. It's a difficult situation because we can't moved him to the bathroom. Today he was send to the hospital again for this situation and they are waiting to do a CT SCAN. I mean, is scary situation and I don't know what to do? how to react? nothing. Please pray for all of us. Annie


Jeremi said...

praying for your dad annie -- and your whole family. that's so scary not knowing and so hard when your parent is sick.

thinking of you dear friend!


Malena said...

Dear Annie! I am so sorry that I haven't been able to keep in touch. I am so sad to read about your father. I hope he has a good recovery and can receive therapy to get some of his strength and mobility back. It is possible after a stroke but it will take a lot of work.