Friday, August 23, 2013


Well, let's talk about school. I'm teaching second grade. I had lots of plans for my classroom set up and for my classes. But, what happened? The new administration sucks (sorry). I don't have any motivation or desires to go to work. Let's explain. They told me at the very end of July that I had my work again. Ok, we were supposed to started on August 1st, but no they cancelled it. On August 2, we signed the contract and started August 5. At that moment we had just three days before school started. That Monday was supposed to be conference day but they decided that was more fun to put all the teachers in one classroom and forgot us. We spend most of our day in that room just laughing and talking, around 2:30 pm the administration remembered that we were there and started the meeting. Oh, did I mention that we ended our day at 3:00 pm.Definitely, not a great started to our school year. The next day, we had a conference during morning and "work" at our school for the afternoon. On Wednesday 7, we were supposed to work with the set up of our classrooms but it was long day because the new administration had workers replacing and fixing things around school. They finished with my room at 5:00 pm and left school by 8:00 pm, it was a horrible long day and the next day we received our students. August 8, was a happy and sad day for me. I was so tired. I was so happy to be my girls home classroom teacher and sad because they are growing so fast. Now, we are on our second week of school and things are great with my girls and all the adjustment we are making. The new administration is rare. We were supposed to got our payment last Thrusday and by 8 am they send a letter to inform we were not going to received it. Wao, I was so frustrated, angry, I cried a lot. Why they choose that option I don't know but I was ready to quit. Yes, quit!! Now, this past week was not the best but things were "better" than the first one. Let's see what happens!!! With the girls everything is fine and they adjusted very well. Annie

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