Saturday, October 16, 2010

Intercambio de Tarjetas / Poscard Exchange

Las niñas están participando en un intercambio de tarjetas para niños pequeños. Ya recibieron sus primeras tarjetas dedicadas para ellas. De más está decir, que ambas niñas estaban sumamente emocionadas y felices de haber recibido algo para ellas (nunca reciben nada por correo). Así que antes de salir a la escuela hubo que fotografiar las niñas con sus tarjetas.

Gracias Jeremi, por pensar en mis niñas para este intercambio de tarjetas. Y a Ella y Zoe, gracias por hacer que Sofia y Paola estuviesen bien felices.

Las queremos mucho y algún día nos vamos a conocer, eso se los puedo garantizar.


PS: Por cierto, sí quieren tener una amiga especial visiten a Jeremi, y les aseguro que no se defraudarán por que ella siempre está allí cuando más la necesitas, aunque sea en la distancia. Gracias, Jeremi.

The girls are participating in a cards exchange for small children. They have received already their first cards. Of more it is to say, that both girls were extremely touched and happy to receive something from them (they never receive anything by mail). So before leaving to school that day I took a photograph of the girls with their cards.

Thanks Jeremi, for thinking about my girls for this exchange of cards. And to Ella and Zoe, thanks for making Sofia and Paola very happy.

We really love them a lot and some day we are going to meet, that I can guarantee.


PS: Certainly, if you want to have a special friend visit Jeremi, and I assure you that you will not be dissapointed because she is always there when you need her, even at the distance. Thanks, Jeremi.



Jeremi said...

annie, i just read your post to ella and zoe --- they LOVED seeing pictures of their friends Paola and Sofia with their drawings, just made their morning! and what a nice post too : ) thank YOU for the kind words, i just feel so blessed to have become friends with you over the computer and i agree, we will all meet at some point. tom and i have always wanted to go back to PR and now we have even more of a desire : )

PLEASE post bday pics soon! i am so curious to hear more details and see more photos.

have a wonderful weekend : )

To Sofia and Paola,
We really want to see you some day. But it is fun to see your pictures and hear about you on the computer. We like your dresses for school and we like your smiles. We like puzzles too. We hope you had a really nice birthday, being four is FUN!!
from your Minnesota Pals,
Zoe and Ella

Missy (Two Little Monkeys) said...

How fun! I may have to join in!

girlytwins said...

What a great idea! My girls would just love that! How fun.