Friday, March 27, 2009

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Ana Sofia

March 24, 2009

Ella y Paola estaban conmigo en la sala y mientras yo hablaba por teléfono ellas jugaban. Pero, se aburrieron de jugar con sus cosas y se fueron a brincar a los sillones de la sala. Así que yo para evitar un accidente decidí llevarlas a su cuarto y regresé a la sala. En cuestión de minutos comienzo a escuchar como si rompieran papeles y decido verificar qué hacían ellas.

Sorpresa, Ana Sofia se había trepado al techo de la casita y había sacado todas las calcomanías con motivo de Princesas que yo tenía en la pared, mientras que Ana Paola estaba jugando con las calcomanías abajo. Mi mamá (que era la persona con la cuál yo hablaba por teléfono) me dijo que Sofia estaba aburrida de la misma decoración y quiso aprovechar el momento para quitarla. No puedo ni imaginar que otras cosas hará está niña. Ahora tengo que redecorar el cuarto.

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Buen fin de semana

They were with me in the living room and while I spoke by the phone they played. But, they were bored of playing with their things and they started to jump on the furniture. So, to avoid an accident, I decided to take them to their room and I returned to the living room. A few minutes, I heard as if someone was tearing paper and I went there to check them out.
Surprise, Ana Sofia had just climbed to the top of the little house and had removed some of the princesses' decals on their bedroom wall, while Ana Paola was just playing with them. My mom (who I was speaking to by the phone) told me that Sofia must be bored of the same decoration and wanted to take advantage of the moment to remove it. I don't want to think what other things she might do next. Now I have that redecorate the room.

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Have a wonderful weekend



Missy said...

That is exactly when my girls do "no-no" things to - when I am on the phone. It never fails. But what a cute picture it made!!!

Ann On and On... said...

It is just as much fun on top of it than inside. :D Kids......

Have fun redecorating.

*I love your header.

jen721 said...

You have a little dare devil climbing on her house.

Heather said...

O my goodness! That is too funny. I can't even imagine how crazy it will get when these two are doin things like that, with their big sis leading the way!

Hope yu have a nic weekend!

Gibson Twins said...

OMG that looks terrifying! We had a playhouse very similar to that one in our playroom until 2 days ago for that VERY reason! Allison fell headfirst off the top, luckily she did not fall onto her head but rather her back and arm. I thought, if I let that happen and she got hurt seriously, I'm too neglectful to have a playhouse inside. It's bad enough I feel like crap because they have bruises from jumping from couch to loveseat (and MISSING the landing! lol)

And why is it that they turn into crazy kiddos when the phone rings? Mine are really bad about that!! Love the new header :)

Karen said...

LOL ... a little cutie caught in the act!! :-)

My kids got into all sorts of mischief whenever I was on the phone someone else said 'it never fails'!!