Sunday, January 10, 2016

Two parties!!!

Today we went to Pablo's Christmas party and to our niece birthday party. It was a busy day but fun.

Our main goal was to sleep in and thanks God it happens. Everyone woke up at 11:45 am almost noon. We enjoyed a yummy brunch and got ready to Pablo's Christmas party.

The party was amazing and the place had pool, areas for playing and a bouncing house. A perfect place for kids. The food was so good. We got rice, pork, salad, pastel (is a mixed of meat, potatoes and green bananas, is the best how I can explain) and dessert.

After his party we headed to my niece birthday party. Her party was simple but everyone had a great time. Because we were at the other party we missed dinner with the birthday girl.

When we arrived home had a snack and then I decided it was a great moment to for ironing. I mean, it's not my favorite thing to do but someone has to tackle it and we all are going back to the routine this week, boo.


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