Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Summer: days 64 and 65

Day 64: Our day consisted on shopping: new uniforms and bags for school. After that we took the girls to ran bycicle and scooter. They love it. When we got home the girls and I prepared got their school supplies ready and put them in their bags. They also helped Pablo with the laminator and got my decorations ready.
Day 65: For these school year I will teach first grade. So today a couple of my coworkers went to school and cleaned our classrooms. I came back to the classroom I used for two years (last year my classroom was in other building). It was a disaster and was so gross. I used the hose to cleaned the floor and windows. I took some pictures of the classroom when I first walked up. But stayed tuned because is a working in process. 
While I was at school Pablo was at home with the girls. They are working very hard painting the house. (stay tuned for pictures)


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