Sunday, August 2, 2015

Summer: day 63

We slept in again because we are on our last days of summer vacations. Highlights from today are:

* Paola started using her bicycle without training wheels 

* I got all my school stuff organized and ready to use

* Pablo is peeling out the paint of the house because he is going to paint it during the week.

* We started to get the school materials for the girls ready.



Recap of the things we do during the month of July that need to be crossed of our summer bucket list:

* The girls participated in a modeling presentation at a new local store

* Went to the fair

* We had a birthday party for the girls BFF

*  Visited La Parguera

*  Make cupcakes

* Celebrated our 16 wedding anniversary

* They had a summer fashion competition for their modeling class

* Went to the movies and saw the Minions

* Went to a dedication activity for my niece

* Visited Ponce

* Participated in a parade around our town

* Had manicures and pedicures at home with the girls

* Enjoyed a fun afternoon at the pool

* Run bicycle and scooters at a little plaza 

* Had lots of movie nights at home thanks to Disney channel

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