Monday, February 9, 2015


We had a busy weekend but great, haha!!!!!!
On Friday:
I went to a boring Convention until 1:00 pm (we decided to skip the afternoon part).
Later, both girls had a practiced for the We do Fashion event. They practiced for two long hours.
Here is a collage from their practice.
We stayed home while Pablo worked.
Later, Paola and her daddy had a date. Meanwhile, I decided to treat Sofia and went to ate. We had a wonderful time together. Love my girls.
After that, we ran some errands and went home.
We went to Church and had supper.
Check some pictures from our time together.
We stayed home. Pablo went with the girls to ran scooter and bicycle. It was a relaxed day.

Check the official photos of the girls for We Do Fashion. Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!

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