Thursday, February 5, 2015

Catholic School Week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We celebrated different activities during the week.
 During the first days of the week it was praying time.
 But today was our last day of the celebrations and we had competitions all day long.
Students participated in posters, answering questions about Jesus and Bible verses.
Both girls participated in posters and Sofia participated in Bible verses.

Paola's poster
Sofia's poster
Sofia at the Bible competition. She was so nervous!!!
 Here she is with her class friend Christian.
She won 1st place at Poster competition
Can you see she was so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!
She was so happy because she also won 1st place at Bible competition!!!!!!!!! Go, Sofia!!!!
Love my beautiful girl!!!
Here is my little girl!!!!!
Her nervous smile!!!!
Third grade students with their teacher.
At their classroom!!!
Love, love and love her beautiful smile!!!!!!!!!!!!
My two princessess!!!!!!!!!!!!
Love you girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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