Saturday, September 27, 2014

Another Week!!

OMG, another week is gone. We are officially in fall and when we open our eyes is Christmas. At least my house is decorated for fall, yay me!!!
In two weeks my princesses celebrates their birthday. Of course, the theme is Frozen. I have the permission to make their birthday at school with their classmates. The birthday at school is simple but is going to be fun.
But at our house the birthday party is going to be one week after their actual day because Pablo have a big activity at his work and we don't want any distractions or if the girls decide to celebrate it at McDonald's or Burger King we have it the next day of their actual day.
Now I have to finish the preparation for both parties, woohoo!!!
Happy Saturday!!
Picture from last Saturday!!

On Wednesday they did the morning preach (excuse me if I the word is incorrect) with their teacher
Here they are working with their frozen stamps books

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