Sunday, July 15, 2012

Regresaron / They Are Back

Por fin, mis bebés están con nosotros. Hoy tuvieron un gran día con su abuela que culminó con la película Ice Age 4. Fue estupendo abrazarlas y besarlas, al parecer se habían ido por un año, jaja.


The girls are back from my parents house. They had a wonderful time with them and ended the day with Ice Age 4. But Pablo and I are so glad they are with us again.



Kurt Hansen said...

That is so great! My girl's not back home yet, I miss her but it's so great that she's getting some free time with her grandparents! Have a great week!

Jeremi said...

time with grandparent's is so special : ) and nice for you and pablo to have your own time together too : )