Thursday, May 31, 2012

Graduación Kinder 2012 / Graduation Day: Kinder 2012

 Love those pictures of them. They are my princessess, cute girls!!!!!

Before we leave to Church
Love my girls!!!!!!!!!!!
Proud mom with her babies
Proud Dad
Before mass
Kindergarten class 2012 (minus 2 kids)
Both girls had participations during the program but they were a little shy, can't you believe that. We had a wonderful school Principal that said: "Don't worry I'm going to be support them and  they are going to do it". I almost cry.

Here he is supporting Paola and finally, she said her poem!!!
And here is Sofia. When she hear her sister she decided to read her part.
It was a special moment.
School Director (The Priest)
With their Diploma's
Mr. Lugo (Principal) and Mrs. González (Their teacher)
Family picture

We had an amazing day. They also received their report's and did a great job. So, so proud of my girls. After graduation we went to lunch with my parents and sister. Later, we had their first graduation party at Burger King and was a great time with lots of fun (pictures soon).



Jeremi said...

annie, this is just wonderful to read -- it sounds like the girls were in a really great school, what a supportive principal and teacher!!

they looked absolutely darling too : ) you, my friend, look beautiful and stunning!!

what a fun way to end the school year for all of you!

hugs : )

Malena said...

Truly beautiful pictures! Congratulations girls!

Jodee Leader said...

What a sweet ceremony! The girls look sooo cute!