Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Navidad 2011 / Christmas 2011

Our tree

Excited girl!!!

yes, a lalaloopsy!!!

With their gifts

After that we had brunch.

We started a new tradition this year of exchange gifts. Each one received three gifts (one from each family member). We had lots of fun.

First my gifts

Sofia gave me a purse

Paola gave me a perfum

and Pablo a wallet

(sorry, blurry picture)

Pablo's gift from Sofia a long sleeve shirt

Paola gave him a cap

I gave him a wallet and a belt

The girls turned. Each girl received a piny pon doll from us and from their sister.

After all the fun we played a little bit, colored, painted, made puzzles and then got ready to visited my parents.

My parents house

My niece

My nephew

Concentrated with his gift

The girls with some of their gifts

Food and dessert

We had a great time with my family.


PS: Advent Calendar Day 25


Jeremi said...

your christmas celebrations look like a really nice time -- i like your new tradition, what a great idea! we may need to do something like that next year. and the food at your parent's house, YUM!!!!

have a great wednesday : )

The Smiths said...

I love your traditions, decorations, and all the lovely pictures.

Merry Christmas to you and yours.

Karen said...

I love that present tradition! It sounds perfect!

Raising Z said...

That all looks wonderful, especially the food :) Merry Christmas!!

Malena said...

Rice and beans please!!! One of my favorites!

Beautiful Christmas - lots of happy faces! xo