Thursday, October 20, 2011

Payateros / Fundraiser

About two weeks ago, we had a fundraiser for kindergarten final activity in May. We had a great time. It was softball game (one regular team and the other one were clowns). It was a long night,haha.


Maybe he was tired,ha!

They enjoyed the cheap bouncing house. They didn't used it but they paid for it,ugh.

(at least they had a great time. Here they are with their friend Alana)

Clowns team

They were hungry

Time to clean

(The girls were cleaning with Alana's parents and their friend Gustavo)


Deanna said...

Fun! I love softball!

The clowns are a funny idea...I imagine it was fun to watch them play. : )

Raising Z said...

Looks like fun!!

Jeremi said...

how fun!! sounds like you guys have been enjoying lots of entertainment on the weekends : ) much better than being sick!! happy friday pal : )