Thursday, October 6, 2011

Excursión al Zoológico / First Field Trip to the Zoo

Two weeks ago (yes, a little late but better late than never,ha) the girls had their first field trip. It was to the zoo and we enjoyed every minute. They went in the school bus for the first time and love it. Thanks God, it was a wonderful trip. Can't wait to our next adventure at school.


In the school bus

Here is grumpy,hahaha!!!

She is all smiles!!!!

Love it!!! (They used those remotes to hear information about the animals)

Fun with friends

Some animals

My girls again

After lunch at Mc Donald's with their teacher Mrs. Gonzalez


Steph said...

What a fun day! My girls were just asking about the zoo today. We should go too.

Hope that you are all feeling better now!

Teri said...

Everyone looks happy and healthy!

Annie said...

Yes, Teri but that same day sickness touched our door,haha.

Malena said...

What a big Zoo! Is it close to your house?

Tomorrow is the BIG day!!!!!

Twincerely,Olga said...

hi Annie!!! your girls have gotten so big!!! what beautiful pictures!!