Thursday, July 29, 2010

Día 3 / Day 3 30 Day Shred

Hoy también logré hacer el nivel 1 a pesar de que tuve que interrumpir los ejercicios dos o tres minutos por que Paola quería leche. Una de mis pantorrillas me duele bastante pero, la belleza cuesta y es duro mantenera,jaja. Día a día, he logrado avanzar en los ejercicios pero, me matan los abdominales.

Olvidé anotar mi peso 150 libras (bastante cuando solo mido 5'2").


Today I also managed to do level 1 in spite of the fact that I had to interrupt the exercises two or three minutes because Paola wanted milk. One of my calves hurts me but, beauty comes with a price and is hard to maintain, jaja. Day by day, I have managed to advance in the exercises but, the sit-ups kill me.

I forgot to note my weight: 150 pounds (a lot because I measure 5′2″).



Malena said...

Don't forget to stretch!!!!
Have a great weekend my friend!

Jeremi said...

You keep going, Annie!! I am so proud of you : ) And yes, totally inspired -- I'll let you know when I start up again (ha!).

I'm only almost 5 feet 1 inch -- another similarity : )

I read your message, are your girls cranky as in whiny? Ella and Zoe are usually so good and fun but when they get in a whiny stage it is SO WEARING. Makes for very long day!

Melly said...

I see quite a few people are doing this "shreds". Good luck with it!