Friday, November 13, 2015

Long recap in pictures!!

I'm having a hard time trying to update the blog because we are busy, busy and busy. All those pictures are from mid October. After the girls birthday party we were so busy. 


Time just for us.
As always, the next day after the girls birthday party we went to the marathon that Pablo's company did every year. For second year in a row, both girls participated at it.
On October 17, we went to the birthday party of two friends. 
It was a My little pony theme and everything was beautiful.
On October 22, both girls participated at March for a cure. 
They had a great time and of course, they learned about cancer.
The next day they had to be ready for a photo shooting of their modeling class. It was a marathon because now I work until 5 and had to wait for Pablo to picked us (maybe we wait 30 minutes) then headed home, they took a showered, put make up and dresses and headed to our local community center for the photos.
 It was a caos but we made it.

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