Monday, July 13, 2015

Summer: days 41, 42 and 43

Well during the last couples of days the only big deal we did was sewing. Yes, we are sewing some things for the girls and decorating the clothes they are going to use this coming Friday at a summer fashion competition. The theme is nautical and here in Puerto Rico we don't had lots of nautical so, we bought clothes navy blue and decorated it with anchors and ribbons. Also we sew a tutus for the first time in our lifes, haha. Definitely, a challenged for us (we did all the sewing Saturday and Sunday).

Today (Monday): Pablo has work and the girls and I stayed home. We didn't had water all day so, we tried to stayed calmed and did nothing. By the time Pablo left worked our water serviced were established again and I was a busy bee working. I cleaned the living room, dinning room, kitchen, bathroom, four loads of laundry (with Pablo's help), colored my hair and work with a certificate for Friday to use at the summer fashion competition.


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