Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Random pictures!!!

Back in February, Luis (the girls Godfather) came to visit. We went to Toys "R"Us, ate out, went to krispy kreme and started working with their new legos. 
It was a wonderful day and the girls had lots of fun with Luis.
On March 6, we had the opportunity to Walked for a Cure for Cancer. 
On that same day at night our school hosted a zumbaton. Both girls did a great job with zumba, me on the other hand stayed back and just enjoyed the fun they had.
On March 13, they performance with the school choir at the birthday of our town. 
We stayed and had a great evening.
On that same day (March 13) they send their fair projects to school. And last week Paola got a third place in Physics. So proud of her and of course, of Sofia.
All in all, in the meantime every weekend they had to practiced for the pageant and did lots of modeling. Just want to clarify is not a beauty peageant is about how they model and if they win the opportunity to model for a very important designer here. We are so proud of them because they are having a great time and still are doing great at school.


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