Saturday, May 24, 2014

Random pictures from the past two weeks!!!!

May 11, 2014. Before Mother's Day!!!

One afternoon after school (well, after I finished my work day) we went to the park.

My nephew birthday party. It was at the theater. We saw spiderman, played and sang happy birthday. It was our first birthday at the movies.

With my coworker Verónica. 

Kindergarten graduation!! My girls were in charged of the school flag. They did a great job.

After the graduation we bought some things for the Sixth graders graduation the next day. Here are my girls (that's my niece). Sofía was so happy to travel in a carseat, ha!

Yesterday was the other graduation at school. When we finished our work day Veronica decided to bought some Icee's so, checked my barefoot niece. She is a crazy girl, ha!!
Almost done with my recaps post, just need to post about Sofía third tooth.

Happy Saturday

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