Saturday, April 12, 2014

English Competitions!!

For the first time ever, my girls participated in english competitions. First, let me clarify something, their english is not the best and at our currently school we (parents) had to deal with the problem. For me, they need to learn vocabulary and basic words, you know simple things and then difficult things, but not here. Ok, with that said let's recap what happened.
The English teacher set up picture bee competitions for pk to first grade. Second grade was sentence bee and from third grade thru sixth grade, spelling bee. Of course, there were lots of sad faces.
My girls freaked out when they saw the judgments and the microphone. They only made two (Paola) and three (Sofia) sentences. Of course, Sofia told to her teacher that she needs to learn english cause she wants to move to USA, breaks my heart.
No matter, what happened I'm so proud of them cause they did a great job. They received a participation award and they were so happy with that.

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