Friday, December 27, 2013

What are we doing?

Well, yesterday I went to my mom house with the girls and painted "the cousins room". You know most houses have guest room but the kids says is the cousin room because they play, fight I mean, play, eat, watch tv and destroy everything is near them, ha. Anyways, the room was painted green and cream. It looks really nice.

Today, I started with the deep clean of my house. At least I tried to made it, twice a year. First, up my bedroom. All the furnitures are cleaned inside and outside, change the comforter and added cleaned sheets to bed. And by the time my hubby arrived he thinks was a good idea made the girls beds as bunk beds. And you know what, it was a bad idea. They talked and played more tonight than anyother night. So, maybe during the weekend we are going to put it down again, ugh!

Stay tuned for the next chapter.


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