Monday, July 22, 2013

Summer Day: 52

Today I spend some (a lot) time organizing the girls bedroom. Let me tell you that I didn't finished it. Only did one load of laundry because water gone, ugh so nice when I had lots of things to cleaned. Pablo bought lunch for us and we all ate at home then he went back to work. Today I called to my school and they said that I will go back to work, yay me!!!!! The contract will be sign next week, maybe on our first day of work. Did I mention, that August 1 is our back to work day and that is also my birthday? Ok, one and a half week of vacation,no way summer started the other day? oh well!!! Also today we organized some school supplies for the girls (they starts August 8) but I need everything done by the time I go back to school. Annie


Jeremi said...

Hay Annie. So happy for you!

Annie said...

Thanks Jeremi!!! I'm so happy!!!!!!!

Jodee Leader said...

That is great news!