Monday, March 4, 2013


The school that I work is amazing but it have serious financial problems. Last year, authorities decided that the school were going ro open for one year (the current year) but, then a miracle happens.

There is a X company (don't want to mention their name) that have interests in our school. They did some (many) interviews with the director and finally decided that for the next five years that company is going to be in charge of the school. Is amazing, because our students are going to be able to learn more things, use more technology and even a arts curriculum. We are so excited!!!!!!!!!

Last Friday, we had a meeting with our new director and he said that anyone is going to be loose their job. And that they are going to have interviews with all of us (individual meetings) and the best part is that all of this is going to happen tomorrow yep, you read it, tomorrow. I'm anxious and happy for all of this. Please pray for me and my co-workers.


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