Monday, November 19, 2012

Girls 6th Birthday Party!!!!!

First pictures were the day before their actual day.

Next, the morning of their birthday. It's a blessing to work near them because I had the opportunity to hug my babies at the exactly hour they born.

Finally, pictures of their party at home. It rained a lot for almost two hours, but our guests stayed and had lots of fun.



Jeremi said...

oh annie, can you believe they are SIX??? seeing your updates makes me so happy -- i miss being in touch more .... working full-time takes a lot of time!! : ) i hope you're doing well, i think of you often.

tell the girls their friends from minnesota wish them very happy (belated) birthday wishes!!

take care, happy thanksgiving : )

NewsPhotoGirl said...

So cute! I can't believe they are SIX already!

Kimberly Cole said...

Happy Birthday to your baby girls! They are getting so big!