Monday, September 3, 2012


<p>OMG, I was a happy teacher when heard the sound of the bell, it was music to my ears. Last week was hard at school. We had crashed, fights, kids screaming, and many other behavior problems. Oh boy, did I mentioned it was a long week?

And after waiting anxiously for the long weekend well, both girls are sick. Coughs, fever and runny noses. So, nothing fun for us. And let me tell you, they had lots of work as a first graders. Oh my goodness, is going to be a very busy year.

In other news, my computer is fixed but no internet yet, so if still is someone reading my boring life well, have to wait for a decent post, ha.

Have a great day.



Teri M said...

I hope you have an easier week this week!! Hang in there. :-)

Jeremi said...

been thinking so much about you all -- here's to a great week coming up! : )