Thursday, August 23, 2012

Tropical storm Isaac

Since Monday people were talking about the storm. Tuesday night the Governor canceled work and school for yesterday. Our private school canceled at 6:45 am and we started at 7:30, it was not fair for people that had to worked. I had to bring the girls with me because teachers need to prepared their classroom.

After that, I came home and started the preparations for the storm. Thanks God we don't have lots of stuff around the backyard so it was fast and easy, ha. Now we are just trying to do some things and keeping the girls busy.

BTW, we just have some winds and scatters showers.


PS: Missed my readers and friends. And no computer and no internet yet.


Teri M said...

Glad the storm wasn't too serious!

Malena said...

Stay safe my friend! HUGS!